Choosing a Home Care Agency

Searching for the right home care agency for yourself or a loved one can be confusing. Below are some important criteria to help you choose an agency that is able to provide the care you will need.

A Better Choice is committed to providing the best possible care for you or your loved one. We begin with a complimentary health and safety assessment, to identify your specific needs. Even people using non-medical services typically have underlying medical conditions. Nurse trained care managers are better equipped to look out for and assist with these issues than someone with no medical background. A nurse can accompany the client to doctor appointments, ask important questions, and provide useful and thorough updates to the client's family.

In 2016, new regulations began to be enforced in the home care industry. These regulations require licensing for home care providers and include mandatory background checks for caregivers, minimum wage requirements, and overtime pay. A Better Choice has been committed to providing safe, quality care to our clients as well as livable wages and benefits to our employees since the day we opened for business. We are proud to say that A Better Choice will continue to serve our community with the same high level of care that we have always provided, because we already meet or exceed these rigorous, newly mandated requirements.

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